My commission book is open.  

Please Private Message me via Facebook  if you would like to schedule
a commission.
My email is:

I will invoice you for the total once I've finished so PLEASE
INCLUDE your email address in the box even if you have emailed me.

PLEASE fill out the following form and send it is MANDATORY this form be in the
box with your doll.
My faceup fee is $150

If you are paying via check or money order please let me know in advance and
include payment in the box when you mail the doll. Do not forget to include return shipping fee

The faceup service includes the following:

*Airbrushed faceup
*Applied lashes, which I provide
*Glossed Lips
*Layered Coats of MSC UV Cut Flat
*Pierced Ears and facial piercing
*Small tattoos
*Minor mods - I will not open the eyes on the Elfdoll Reminiscence heads

BODY BLUSHING is included in this price if you send the whole doll and will also include:

If you want the seems sanded it will be an additional $50
FULL body freckling is an additional $50
If you do not have the proper chemicals to clean your doll before you send it please let me do it.  Acetone products can damage the resin therefore if
you do not feel comfortable taking off the previous faceup I will do it for no additional fee.  Otherwise send the head clean.

Please send this form along with the doll
in the box when shipping


EMAIL ADDRESS________________________________________________________________
Phone ___________________________________________________________________________________

Include any photos or ideas you have for the faceup.  The more information you give me the more I get to know what you like/dislike

PICS Attached  YES___________________NO______________________

Lips- Do you want the lips painted with the color fading from the inside out_______________________________

or painted from the outside in _______________________________________________________________


Do you want black eyeliner______________________or brown ____________________________

Do you want the nose holes painted? yes___________no________________

Would you like any moles?                     yes___________no________________

If so where?______________________________________________________

Do you want freckles?  yes___________no________________
If yes, where?_____________________________________________________

Do you want the ears pierced?  YES__________________________NO__________________________

Do you have plans for your doll to have a specific hair color  YES_______________________________________NO_______________________

Do you have a specific character in mind for your doll, or any additional information you want me  to  

My turn around time is anywhere from one week to one month.  Please make sure you have the funds to pay before you send the doll.  You can send
more than one, just check with me first.

I try very hard to bring your vision for your doll to life, but I am a slow painter.  I can only paint one doll per day as it takes me anywhere from 8-12 hrs.
per faceup.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at:

My address is:  CRISTY STONE
                PO BOX 16
                WESTON, TX 75097

I live in a very small town which does not deliver our mail to the street address.  If you are shipping via UPS or Fed EX email me and I will give you the
street address.
Xtremedolls Commission Information
My commissions are closed until the end of Sept.
thank you!