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The love of my life, Dobie
About Me:

I learned to sew as a child by hanging over my mothers shoulder at her fabric store.  I've never had a formal lesson, but learned by watching the best.  The biggest thrill ever for me
was waiting for the sack of scraps she brought home at the end of each week.  Most kids my age wanted a toy or roller skated while the only thing I wanted was my own sewing machine.  Finally
at the age of 7 I received my first sewing machine for Christmas and have never stopped enjoying making and designing doll clothes.  I perfected my skills over a long period of time, making
everything from my own clothes, brides maid dresses, to custom drapery, which I still enjoy.  I am a self taught airbrush artist and through sheer determination I have managed to also perfect
the skill.  Many years of wearing makeup starting with blue eye shadow from the 70's to applying makeup for wedding parties has certainly helped with the airbrush.

Leaving behind 30 years of Corporate America I decided to pursue my passion full time.  I find doll makeovers a wonderful art form and such a creative and rewarding way to express myself.  It's
unmistakingly my passion.  I have been selling on Ebay and doing commission work for 12 years now and hope to continue this fulfilling career.
Xtremedolls 62 cm